Chocolate Fruit/Nut Bark


4 - 3.5oz bars of dark chocolate (73% cacao or greater) - I like to use Fair Exchange 80% cacao

1/4 cup of dried cherries

1/4 cup pistachios

1/4 cup sliced dried apricots

1/4 cup toasted slivered almonds


Using a double boiler, boil water and take off the heat, then add the chocolate. Stir until melted and smooth

Your choice to either stir in toasted almonds, pistachios, dried cherries and dried sliced apricots OR pour chocolate onto parchment then sprinkle fruits and nuts on top. If you do the latter, you must gently press nuts and fruit into the chocolate. Either way, pour onto parchment and refrigerate until hard and break into 2-4 inch pieces. Store in a cool place.