House - Made Sweet Plantain Chip

Prep Time

10 -12 minutes

Prep Notes

The plantains can be green (less sweet, less ripe and more firm) or brown (sweet, more ripe and softer)

Use 2 plantains but I am warning you, you will need to make more.

Cooking Time

12-15 minutes depending on ripeness


Not enough for 2!


2 plantains

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

Himalayan salt


Peel and cut the plantains diagonally into 1/4 or less inch slices

Melt coconut oil and spread onto parchment evenly

Lay plantains in a single layer on top of coconut oil, then turn over immediately to get coconut oil on both sides

Sprinkle with Himalayan salt


See I told you that you would want more!


Denise Lovat, CHC