Corporate Health Coaching

Health sessions can stand alone, but build on each other to provide a comprehensive plan to move individuals to a healthier lifestyle. Using education, motivation, challenges and accountability, these sessions can get people “unstuck.” Success is achieved by making small changes over a period of time.

Session Series

1. Primary Foods - What is out of balance in your life? We have to look at the other factors in our lives that feed us besides greens and beans. In this session participants will complete two exercises which will show them where to begin. They will learn something amazing about themselves. This session includes an interactive nutrition quiz.

2. Crowd out the Bad/Add in the Good - Learn how to add good things in without feeling deprived of the foods you love. It is hard to give up coffee cold turkey, but we can incorporate new things to take up some of the space that the old habits occupied. It takes time to make lasting changes. This session will address the reason for cravings.

3. Five Foods that protect you from Disease - What are they and why they protect you? Learn about micro and macronutrients and the scientific reasons why food goes to the cellular level each time you eat.

4. How to Survive Eating Out – We are tricked to eat more calories when we eat out. Get the real information on some of your favorite restaurants. This session will also cover dangerous ingredients that you should avoid and how to order out with health in mind.

5. Do you have the SUGAR BLUES? Sugar is at the root of many of our modern diseases. Are you addicted? What can you do to get it under control? Included in this session is a SUGAR BLUES table showing the amount of sugar cubes in certain foods (i.e. coke, chocolate chips). Learning the down side of sugar consumption can encourage participants to make changes.

6. The Benefits of Juicing and Sprouting - All disease begins in the gut. Learn how living foods (wheatgrass, sprouts, raw juice and raw food) impact your digestive system positively. Learn what foods can help the alkaline/acid balance in our body which is critical for protection from disease. This session will cover 10 Tips for Improving Digestion as well as information on probiotics.

7. Inflammation is critical to health - It has become increasingly clear the chronic inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses including: heart disease, many cancers and Alzheimer's disease. Inflammation is the cornerstone of the body's healing response, bringing more nourishment and more immune activity to a site of injury or infection. However, when inflammation persists or serves no purpose it damages the body and over time, chronic inflammation damages our tissue. Learn what foods to incorporate to combat inflammation and how to rid your diet of foods that might be adding to inflammation.

Sessions can be facilitated as “lunch and learns” or throughout the day. Each session has a set of specific outcomes. Healthy food samples and recipes are provided where appropriate. Coach is available for health fairs and customized corporate workshops. Email me at [email protected] for a quote and available coaching dates.

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