Success Stories

Meet Diane

Diane pictured to the left completed the 6 month "Change Your Life with Food" program. Here in her own words is her review:

"Denise addressed on a consistent basis my three goals through detailed nutritional information, providing food samples along with many recipes and exercise demos. She is a problem solver going to great lengths to find information on how to solve my health issues. More people need this information. The passion that Denise has to help people improve their health through good nutrition, exercise and setting personal goals has motivated me to improve my own health. With the daily goals of eating nutritious foods and weight bearing exercise, I have improved my bone density and am now medication free. I am also enjoying a higher energy level and have shed a few pounds!"

Meet Shauna

Shauna completed the six month "Change Your Life with Food" program and here in her own words is her review. "What happens when this is over? I feel like I don't want to stop. I feel so good after our sessions and I don't want to be finished yet. Can we meet once a month to continue? I go home and talk about our sessions to my husband and he says "Is Denise is your life coach?" 

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